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Taniq’s debut album “The Life and Times of Love” has been called “a modern-day masterpiece in Soul music” by (America’s #1 Soul music website.) The album was recorded in Chicago (where the band wad formed) and LA (where the duo currently lives) and features top musicians from both cities.


Taniq’s music has been featured in TV/Film on ABC Family, BET, Spike TV, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Image Entertainment and more. The album garnered many accolades including Taniq being signed to a publishing deal based off the strength of their songwriting on the album. One of their songs was listed in the initial voting round top 100 entries for Best R&B Song for the 51st Grammy Awards Nominations.


Taniq has a sound that is deeply rooted in Soul and features Jazzy melodies, Funk-inspired horn arrangements, Gospelesque call-and-response, and head-nodding positive Hip-Hop. Their lively concerts feature dance choreography and lots of personal and interactive audience participation.



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