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Crazatic Entertainment Corporation is a music and video content production company based in Los Angeles. Crazatic means risk takers, boundary breakers, skilled innovators, experience makers, limitless creators. We are Crazatic. How about you?



What are you all about?



Our mission is to connect and inspire the world to celebrate life through the power of music, video, and live entertainment.


Our vision is to be one of the planet’s most trusted providers of stimulating entertainment and empowering knowledge that increases the quality of lives.


Who are you?


Founded by Adriohn Richardson over two decades ago, we are a team of songwriters, musicians, music producers, composers, vocalists, music supervisors, industry consultants, filmmakers, variety acts, and downright good people.


Sure we have worked with some notable companies and brands, but we are a company that thrives on giving opportunities to talented individuals who are passionate and driven to share their craft with the world.


We are compassionate about our fellow beings of human, the environment we are planted in, and the gift of creative arts. We understand these three pieces are interconnected and service them to create an emotional connection that invigorates the spirit. We look for chances to find the funny and incorporate humor into our work and our daily lives. We laugh hard, love deeply, and start at the unheard of and finish beyond.









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